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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers Concerning the God-ordained Way Training

1.  What are the purpose and goals of the God-ordained Way Training?

The purpose and goals of the God-ordained Way Training are:

  • To develop the saints’ inner life so that they may live the God-man living;
  • To perfect the saints so that they may participate and function in the normal church life according to the way God-ordained for the building up and the increase of the church;
  •  To spread the Lord’s recovery with the gospel of the kingdom to other cities, states, countries, and continents, in order to establish more lampstands as the testimony of Jesus for the Lord’s second coming.

2.  What is the schedule for the God-ordained Way Training?

There will be an intensified 3-day training planned for each 5-month term, typically at a vacation time such as mid-January and mid-June. The next 3-day training is scheduled for Friday, January 4 (in the morning) to Lord’s Day January 6 (in the evening), 2013. This is an intensified training that requires the trainees to set aside a full 3 days. The 1-day (monthly) trainings are scheduled for one Saturday a month (starting at  9:00 am in the Bay Area and 10 am in Central Valley). The dates for the 1-day trainings are Feb 9, Mar 23, Apr 27, May 18 and June 15. One-day trainings will be held in various districts as follows:

  • Central Valley North – English (Sacramento): Auburn, Davis, Elk Grove, Modesto Redding, Roseville, Reno, Sacramento
  • Central Valley South  (Fresno): Fresno, Merced, Bakersfield, Salinas
  • East Bay – English (Berkeley): Berkeley, Fremont, Hayward, Pleasant Hill, Pleasanton
  • North/East Bay – Chinese (S.F.): Berkeley, Burlingame, Oakland, Pleasanton, Hayward, San Francisco
  • South Bay – English (Santa Clara): Campbell, Cupertino, Santa Clara, San Jose
  • South Bay – Chinese (Santa Clara): Campbell, Cupertino, Fremont, Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose, Palo Alto
  • S.F. area – English (Burlingame): San Francisco, Palo Alto, Burlingame

3.  What kind of commitment is required to attend the God-ordained Way Training?

  • You must commit to participate in the entire training for 5 months at a time.
  • It is required that you follow the dress code (see #13) during the training meetings.
  • It is required to be in your seat 5 minutes before the stated meeting time.
  • During the 5  months, the trainees are expected to:
  • Spend at least 30 minutes for morning revival by themselves daily;
  • Study the lessons for at least 30 minutes by themselves daily;
  • Meet with other trainees 90 minutes per week to practice the vital group, including review of the lessons;
  • Attend the prayer meeting of the church;
  • Prepare to prophesy in the Lord’s Day meeting of the church;
  • Attend the monthly training meeting in the districts;
  • Shepherd at least two seeking saints;
  • Form a Bible study at home with new ones.

4.  Where will the God-ordained Way Training be held?

  • The next 3-day training from January 4-6, 2013 will be located at Redwood Christian Park, 15000 Two Bar Rd, Boulder Creek, CA 95006. Monthly, 1-day trainings (one Saturday each month for 5 months) will be held in various regions (see #2) near the majority of saints who register.

5.  Will hospitality be available or do I need to book a hotel?

  • Since the 3-day training will be held at Redwood Christian Park, there is no need for hospitality.
  • District trainings may provide hospitality as needed.

6.  Will childcare be available during the time of the training?

District trainings may or may not provide daycare, depending on the local situation. For the 3-day trainings, which have a full-time schedule, the trainees will need to make their own arrangements with other family members, etc.

7.  May spouses alternate during the training meetings, similar to sharing a seat at the semi-annual trainings?

There will be NO seat sharing for the 3-day training. For the 1-day (monthly) trainings, the sisters may share seats in order to care for their children, but the brothers must be full-time for both the 3-day and the 1-day trainings.

 8.  What are the costs for the training?

The registration fee for the 3-day training and monthly trainings is $25 per person. The 3-day training will be held at Redwood Christian Park. For those attending the 3-day training, the cost varies from $135 to $175 depending on the room type, plus the $25 registration fee.

9.  What are the differences between the 3 room types at the Redwood Christian Park?

  • basic   – Bunk bed w/shared bath ($135)
  • moderate   – Double room w/shared bath ($155)
  • deluxe suites   – Double room w/private bath ($175)

10. Does the training prorate the fee for materials if you already own the God-ordained Way Training materials?

No, you should already own the “Lessons on the God-ordained Way (32 Lessons) ” if you attended the last term.  The $25 covers other expenses related to the conference.   If you need an extra binder, that will be an additional cost depending on language.

 11.  Is it possible to attend the training part-time?

We strongly encourage full-time attendance at the 3-day training.  However, for those saints who are unable to take off all 3 days, we will allow part-time registration for daytime only.  The cost for part-time attendance will be $30 a day, plus the registration fee of $25.  NOTE: If you stay overnight (even just one night), you will be charged for fulltime registration. Transportation to and from the camp will be the responsibility of  the trainee.

12.  For what languages will translation be provided? Will some Saturday 1-day trainings be conducted in languages other than English?

The 3-day training may have translation (via FM radio) from English to Chinese and Spanish if the registration warrants it. There are some district meetings for English, Spanish, and Chinese. Please see point # 2 for the details. (Note: North and South Central districts are in English. Translation is provided based on need.)

13.  Who will be conducting the God-ordained Way Training?

The God-ordained Way Training will be conducted by a group of brothers consisting of local Northern California coworkers, leading brothers, full-timers, and coworkers from other areas.

14.  What is the dress code of the training?

A training badge must be worn at all times during the training. Brothers should wear a solid-color dress shirt, tie, dress pants, dark socks, and dark proper shoes. Hair and/or beards should be neat and trimmed. Sisters should wear a solid-color blouse (to the neckline) and skirt or dress (at least to the knee; no pants, jumpers, or slacks), and proper shoes (toes covered; no boots or sandals). No makeup or jewelry is allowed. This is similar to the FTT.

15.  What is testing like in the training?

Testing is a necessary part of the training and all trainees should expect to be tested. There are at least 22 ways of testing to ensure that we learn the lessons. Both verbal and written tests are used. However, the trainees should not be fearful of testing, because the testing encourages the trainees to study and practice. In New Zealand and Australia, the saints were excited about being tested, and they improved through testing.

16.  May the saints attend the evening sessions of the 3-day training?

Yes, if saints are registered for the 1-day (Saturday) trainings, they may attend the evening sessions of the 3-day training. This may not be practical, however, since the 3-day training is held in a remote location in the Santa Cruz mountains.

17.  If you attend the 3-day training, do you need to attend the 1-day trainings as well?

Yes, you are expected to attend the 1-day trainings for the 5-month period. We need the mutual encouragement, perfecting, and opportunity to share our challenges and success.